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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ryan's Hay Bale Cake

(my version for Ryan)

As many of you know "my baby" Ryan is getting married next month (oh my gosh! *insert panic because I haven't started looking for an outfit**), the family on Shelly's side gave Ryan a Honey Do shower and I was asked to make his cake.

The cake was totally up to me.  Just whatever I thought would fit Ryan.  I had played around in my mind with a western themed idea, but I didn't want just any ordinary western.  Ryan wears the boots and fits the country part, but it doesn't ooze from him and I wasn't really happy with my idea.  So at the last minute, I googled "Hay bale cakes" and someone actually had a wedding cake made out of hay bales! And anyone who knows Ryan knows a hay bale is perfect oh and a John Deere tractor must be involved.

Here's the version I got the idea from:
So I thought I done pretty good.  I'm still in awe at some of the cakes people create.  I really wish I had the time, the space and funds to really play.  Sounds like I may need to lighten my "other things" to make room for cakes!!
Thanks to Jeanne (Ryan's soon to be mother in law) & Nana (Ryan's grandmother) for taking the picture of my version since I forgot to take pictures!


  1. did you just use a grass tip?

  2. and did you just go straight across on the top?